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Last night i finished my contribution for Kindergarden 08 dance music competition. So, my travel buddies (hansee & xerxes) and I, will meet up tonight for some beers and hopefully a productive mix session for our contributions. Hope to see you all at KG08 :)

Returned from Solskogen 2008 today. My first ever demoparty participation ever. It gathered 70-80??? participants from all nordic countries. As My memory was'nt bad enough allready, it did'nt get any better after a few beers. But I'm pretty sure I talked to a dutch guy (m0d?) and a fast speaking french dude (Dbug?). Anyhow. I was not going to participate in any compos, but my traveling buddies (aLf, Hansee & xerxes) and I entered the fotballcompo (soccercompo for americans). We managed to enter the semi-finals and got shitkicked by the danes (also known as Danmark). And for that extra little surprise for myself, I entered the newschool music compo. My contribution was "Destroy All Humans", and I got the fifth place out of thirteen (see results here). I really enjoyed the stay, and I'm coming back next year too. Also planning to attend Kindergarden in november.